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Growing up, I had young parents, so by the time I was 4 or 5, every one of their friends and our family members began getting married. Naturally, I was chosen to be a flower girl for almost every wedding that we attended and so my love for weddings was born. I spent the last 24 years dreaming of my eventual wedding day and noticing the unique differences between each one that I was a part of. 

When I fell in Love with photography, my knowledge of weddings meant it only felt natural for me to begin photographing them too. Though I never imagined weddings would be my focus, I quickly fell in love with them. as I took on each new client, I soon realized how much my already established knowledge of wedding schedules and traditions would help me to become the wedding photographer I wanted to be.


My goal is that every couple that works with me has a unique experience that fits them. your photographer shouldn't feel like a stranger on your wedding day, on one of the biggest days of your life, you should feel as though you are working with a friend with a mutual desire to capture every moment perfectly and thats how i want you to feel when you work with me

                                         Love, Sasha

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